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Mozilla Firefox 90.0 Final x86 / x64 + Farsi + Portable + Win / Mac / Linux Mozilla Firefox browser is one of the most popular and widely used browsers among users. One of the reasons for the popularity of this browser is the existence of many useful plugins. Mozilla is a secure, fast, powerful, flexible, and feature-rich browser. Firefox browser has the ability to open all windows as Tabbed Browsing in one window and the ability to prevent pop-up ads from pop up. In recent years, Mozilla Firefox has attracted the attention of a wide range of users across a variety of platforms by providing continuous and regular updates. Currently, this web browser is available for all types of Windows, Linux, iOS, Mac, and even Android operating systems that you can install on all your devices. High security and preventing spyware and spies from entering your system are the top features of the software. Mozilla Firefox browser added.

In recent years, Mozilla has released several versions of the operating system, each time surprising users with a set of new features. Get ready for a whole new and updated version of Mozilla Firefox! The new version of this web browser loads pages much faster than before! According to the developers, the loading speed of web pages has almost doubled compared to the versions of 6 months ago, and this is one of the remarkable features of the new version of this web browser. The user interface of the Mozilla Firefox browser is beautifully designed and user-friendly, and the beating heart of this browser has been greatly optimized to load web pages much faster. You can now download the latest version of Mozilla Firefox software for free from Yas.

Mozilla Firefox Browser Features:

– Has Tabbed Browsing capability
– Existence of many useful plugins and add-ons for this browser
– Prevent popup advertising pages from opening – Blocker
– Ability to support CSS animations
– Use of SPDY protocol
– More compatibility with CSS3
– Compatibility with video format WebM

– Significant reduction of crashes in the new version
– Compatibility with JavaScript for better loading of pages
– Ability to display full-screen videos
– Ability to view pre-cached pages offline
– Higher security in insecure environments
– Support for HTML 5
– Prevention Unnecessary ad pages
– caches parts of sites that are usually fixed
– Very high flexibility of software in the face of different tastes
– Using Google browser as HTTPS

– Removing site favicon from their URLs
– Troubleshooting and optimization for the new web standard
– Upgrading auto-complete page URL capability
– Powerful and new tools Web development in Firefox
– Significant reduction in system cache (RAM)
– Increased application launch speed
– Increased web page loading speed
– Improved browser information synchronization between different versions of Mozilla Firefox
– Increased user interface speed
– More browser stability
– View Most sites viewed as a preview
– Compatibility with various versions of Windows including windows 10 , 7, and 8

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is downloading and installing Mozilla Firefox browser free?

Yes; Mozilla Firefox software is completely free.

Can we say that Mozilla Firefox is one of the fastest browsers in the world?

Yes; Mozilla Firefox is one of the best and fastest browsers in the world right now.

Can the Mozilla Firefox browser be installed on Windows 7/8/10?

Yes, Mozilla Firefox is compatible with all Windows 7/8/10.

Some features in the new versions:

– Support from Windows 10

– Added protection against downloading unwanted software

– Improved blocked list mechanism

– New style for managing plugins

– Improved graphics, scrolling, and video playback performance based on the main process

– Improved scrolling and animation based on VSYNC hardware

– Reduce RAM occupation by JPEG images

– Increase the loading speed of pages

– Fixed security bugs

– Correction of security vulnerabilities

– New version in 32 and 64-bit versions

– Ability to mute tabs separately

– Improved Private Browsing mode

– Added a new Control Center

– Improved and updated Login Manager section

– Fixed security bugs

– Benefit from a new and powerful engine for loading web pages at a very high speed

– Changing the user interface and optimization for touch screens

– Combining search engine bar and address bar

– Show loaded pages in new tabs

– Play videos online with optimal use of hardware resources

– Complete management of website access levels

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