Download Visual Studio Code

Download Visual Studio Code 1.7.1 - Advanced Code Editor for Windows


Download Visual Studio Code

| Advanced Programming Language Editor for Windows

Visual Studio Code (VSCode) 1.58.2 x86 / x64 + Portable Win / Mac The name of completely free software, provided by Microsoft, for editing various codes in a very simple environment. If you are a web developer or cloud-based application developer, Microsoft recommends Visual Studio Code for coding. As you know, the most popular Microsoft IDE today for coding in a variety of programming languages ​​is Visual Studio software, but if you need simpler software for smaller applications, Microsoft recommends Visual Studio Code.

Visual Studio Code is a programming code editor for Windows, Linux, and Mac versions, and users can edit and code on a variety of operating systems, regardless of the type of operating system. In general, Visual Studio Code provides everything programmers today need to edit code, edit text, and more. For example, keyword lite and syntax capabilities of programming languages, easy navigation between codes, keyboard companies, compatibility with a variety of programming languages, and… are among its most important features. You can now download the latest version and the latest version of Visual Studio Code software from AlvinReports Download site.

Key features of Visual Studio Code software:

– Introducing a completely free environment for editing and coding in a variety of languages

– Suitable for programmers and editors

– Full support for C #, VB, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, TypeScript, Ruby, Objective-C, PHP, JSON, Less, Sass, Markdown programming languages

– Ability to highlight the syntax of languages

– Ability to edit two code files together for comparison

– Ability to quickly and easily troubleshoot codes

  •  Format: EXE
  •  Size: 60/90 MB

Download Visual Studio Code

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