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Grand Theft Auto IV is the latest version as it now bundles its original game, GTA IV, and GTA: Episode together in its component. Even more impressive is that it will have improved graphics and a more interactive environment for players to immerse themselves in its large and realistic world. Not stopping there, the player’s experience and plot progress will help them better understand society and the fate of its people.



GTA IV’s entire plot and happenings revolve around a journey of an immigrant from Russia to America who wants to fulfill his dream of freedom. However, his past doesn’t easily let go of his present fate, so all of his happiest moments have to be exchanged for dangerous or undercover missions. The combination of the large city, the fighting of the gangs, and many other difficult things will be a complete experience for players.

Players will control Niko through complex missions scattered throughout the city, thereby understanding his daily life and mysterious circumstances. Throughout the plot, they will also understand more about nature, personality, and at the same time, decide all actions before special situations. All the details of the plot, though expressed through missions, give players interesting emotions and discoveries about Niko and more.



Although the game has a massive quest system that appears on the player’s map, it doesn’t force them but allows them to do everything. Moreover, thanks to a vast and interactive world, they will have more ideas to mess around, enjoy, and explore every nook and cranny. The vehicle system is also an excellent addition for players to enjoy the feeling of high speed in a densely populated city.

Besides that entertainment freedom, the city will also have many exciting services and shops, and these are often mini-games to entertain the players. Their content is simple, but the rewards are generous and, at the same time, open up many fascinating and unexpected moments that are worth the player’s time. In short, the world and its cities are endless and have a lot of potentials for players to immerse themselves in the excitement and pleasure of exploring.



GTA IV’s character movement and control system across all vehicles is also the pinnacle of the open-world adventure genre. Niko’s mechanics and AI are also interactive and refined. It will change movement based on enemy approach, combat, weapon use, and vehicle access. Because of that, intense gunfights will be an excellent opportunity for players to admire Niko’s professionalism.

Other than being a professional in motion, Niko mastered many ways to control all types of vehicles, whether motorcycles, cars, boats, and more. Depending on the type of terrain and designated vehicle, players will always discover the stunts and smoothness of their maneuverability. Some special vehicles also allow players to interact with their surroundings, even using guns while on the move.



The mission system plays a significant role throughout the gameplay as it helps the player know some of the game’s special features. In addition, it is the main source of income for players to cover their lives or other activities. The most impressive point of the mission system is that they all revolve around the element of the underworld, opening many new doors for players to understand better how wicked organizations operate.


Instead of letting the player use a separate mission interface, the game navigates the player around the city to receive the corresponding mission. Accordingly, cutscenes will appear to let players better understand the situation and important objectives to complete excellently. Thanks to the missions, the gameplay has depth and promises to give players more potential and the most vivid experience with the open-world sandbox genre.


Besides the content and elements mentioned earlier, GTA IV is also known for its advanced graphics and physics. That makes the environment more interactive and realistic through details like car crashes, bullet holes, and hit marks created by players and the NPCs. Not stopping there, the visual effects when driving are also impressive and immersive, contributing to the absolute realism throughout the player’s feeling and gameplay.


Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition is a perfect version where the story or content is greatly expanded while introducing a new and superior physics system. Above all, the plot, mission system, vehicles, and Niko’s identity are the most prominent points for players to discover and open each secret door to satisfy their curiosity and exploration.




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