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Score! Hero 2 (MOD APK, Unlimited Money/Lives) is a soccer game with detailed controls for players to create glorious goals with their team.



Score! Hero 2 is a game of the football game genre, bold sport king for mobile users. The most breathtaking and exciting matches are happening in your hands. Download our game right away. You have a dream team, set up a scientific team, choose the game that best suits the team’s players. The progress in the match is all in your plan, control, and management closely for the mighty team to win the glory.


Score! Hero 2 Score! Hero 2



A new team created just for you, whether you have the ability to lead that team or not, lead the team to the top of the rankings and win a resounding victory everyone knows. You do not know that you have extraordinary coaching potential until you lead this mighty team, show your talent to the whole world to admire. The best players with lots of shots like arrows, overcoming opponents and scoring the best goals. A superstar team dominates everything.

In the game with a detailed, delicate graphic background, realistic visuals with realistic depicted football gameplay. The tournaments started to welcome clubs to join, and teams were completely ready to participate in the most exciting matches. The player-related tools, the more badges make the football game experience even more authentic. You will be the best, commanding and devising different playing strategies. The game gives players a team of their own.



Develop the football game into one of the most memorable sports histories, the careers of great heroes are recorded, you will make a famous history for the team. Control the goal scorer with great shots, delicate passes to create goals, choose spectacular shots that make the opponent’s goalkeeper unable to catch the ball. A large tournament of 90 licensed teams is also the largest tournament in the world. You will choose your favorite team to sign a contract with.


Score! Hero 2 Score! Hero 2

The game is designed with advanced graphics, and this increases motion recording animations, helps players see quality videos, creating a most realistic game for players. Infinite hero mode helps players lead the team to the farthest distance, and legendary players are registered on the rankings. The game allows players to customize the player’s look, such as costumes, badges, and many other related things you can change according to your preferences.



The graphics platform, images in the game are carefully polished; our administrators have designed it very well. Images depicted in detail, from the pitch, the goal, the players, the stands consisted of crowds of cheering spectators. The portraits of the players are clearly depicted, the physique or the faces of the players, so on the grace, you can easily distinguish the players. The movement, dribbling, kicking the ball, or the goalkeeper jumping up to capture the ball is programmed vividly, making the player feel the truest of the match.


The sound in the game is inserted quite subtly, showing the breathtaking atmosphere, the sound of the audience cheering and cheering. Crowded spectators watched the match, cheering, singing, drumming on the game; the players felt excited when they heard the cheers. The sound of dribbling, passing or kicking is inserted into the match, and the referee whistle ends the game. Many background sound clips make the game come alive and real. Players gradually fall in love and immerse themselves in the world of sports.



The game provides users completely free, and you just need to download the game to get ready to experience the most thrilling and fun moments. We are constantly updating the game to give users the best experience, and many tournaments are set up. Through many daily missions, players can collect rewards, which can be used to upgrade players and the entire team.

Players hesitate any longer; quickly download the game Score! Hero 2 returns to the phone to experience the thrill, fascinating moments on the football field. How far will your dream team go, to the top of the world rankings, revere your team? Hopefully, the game will receive a lot of positive feedback from players. If you have anything that needs feedback related to the game, please send us an inbox.





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Mod V1 Info

  • Money when rewinding and buying hearts increases..

NOTE: Crashes after the end of the round? Re-enter the game (the game will save the progress before the flight), then open the settings, click on the 2nd button from the bottom, select Graphics and reduce the quality of the graphics.

Please turn off the network and create a character. Then lower the graphics quality down in settings


Mod V2 Info

1. MOD Menu
2. Unlimited Energy
 // Unlimited Energy Purchased

3. Always Free Rewind // Rewind always shows up as free

How to enable necessary permissions:
1. Only necessary on Android 6+.
2. Open the app info for Score! Hero 2.
3. Go to permissions, enable: Storage.
4. Go to advanced and activate overlay/draw over other apps permission.
-> Overlay permission might be located and named different on each brand

Download Score! Hero 2 (MOD, Unlimited Money/Lives)


Download Mod  V1| 400 MB 


Download Mod  V2| 400 MB 


Download Mod  V2 [Root Emulator]| 424 MB 


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